July 14, 2021

Note: September 2018 – Microsoft Whiteboard is now available for iOS and for commercial preview on web. Learn more here.


Today we are pleased to announce the general availability of the Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10. Whiteboard gives teams a freeform, intelligent canvas for real time ideation, creation, and collaboration.  Since releasing a preview of the app in December, more than 200,000 customers have helped us fine tune the feature set and end user experience.  Based on their feedback we’ve added a number of new features, including text notes, the ability to add and manipulate images, enhancements to shape and table recognition, accessibility improvements, compliance with various global standards, and more.  In addition, the Whiteboard app for iOS and preview on the web will be coming soon.  These releases will mark an important milestone in our journey to make Whiteboard the best tool for freeform collaboration across platforms and form factors. 



Create freely, work naturally

Whiteboard provides an infinite canvas where imagination has room to grow.  Draw, type, or add images.  Use sticky notes to organize ideas.  Stack things up and move them around.  Designed for pen, touch, and keyboard, Whiteboard allows you to share your ideas naturally.  Intelligent ink recognizes shapes and makes creating tables a snap.  And because the canvas expands along with your creations, you never have to worry about running out of space.


Work together in real time, wherever you are

Whiteboard brings a team together* – and gives them space to create.  Teammates can huddle around a large touchscreen in the same room or work together on their own devices from around the world+.  And, avatars on the canvas help you keep track of who is doing what and bring a natural rhythm to the interaction.

Whiteboard mobile.png

Save automatically, resume seamlessly

Forget taking photos of conference room whiteboards or marking them with “Do Not Erase.” With the Whiteboard app, your brainstorming sessions are saved automatically to the Microsoft cloud, so you can pick up where you left off, whenever – and wherever – inspiration strikes next.


To start using Whiteboard on your Windows 10 device, download the app for free at the Microsoft Store and log in with your Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Xbox, etc.) or Office 365 account (work or school).




* Whiteboard currently supports collaboration within Office 365 tenants for commercial customers, and across personal accounts for customers with a Microsoft account. Collaboration across multiple Office 365 tenants is planned for future release.


+ Microsoft Whiteboard is available as an app for all users on Windows 10 devices. For commercial users, the Whiteboard app will be coming soon to iOS devices and will be accessible from other devices via the Whiteboard web client (preview).


For more information, see the FAQ.


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