May 17, 2018

Microsoft 365 partnered with the American Association of Inside Sales to bring sales end-users content focused on key priorities for sales professionals.



Getting Organized with Outlook

Spend less time drowning in administrative tasks and focus on what’s important: building relationships with your customers, garnering insights, and delivering superior client services. Learn how you can spend more time on selling using Outlook effectively.



Enable Seamless Collaboration with SharePoint

The partnership between marketing and sales is essential. Learn how you can ensure you always have the most up to date content from marketing using SharePoint.



Draw Insights Across Your Organization with Yammer

Learn how to leverage the power of your co-workers: they have worked in similar industries, have similar customers and comparable challenges. Reach across your organization, to find best practices and experts using Yammer.



Strengthen Customer Relationships with Microsoft Teams

Don’t just become an email address for your customer. Create a connection using video calls in Microsoft Teams.



Optimize Sales Performance with PowerBI

Learn how to leverage data visualization to uncover industry and customer insights. You will make smarter business decisions using powerful analytical capabilities within PowerBI.


Discover content to empower effortless sales achievements in the Sales Innovation Hub:

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