September 25, 2017


This post is written by Peter Loforte, general manager of the Office Modern Assistance and Support Experience team.


We are proud to announce over 130 new training experiences in the new Office 365 Training Center. With this update, we are focused on helping your end users get up-and-running quickly with Office 365, while introducing them to valuable tips and tricks on modern productivity and teamwork.

We’ve expanded our successful video training catalog to include new collaboration and teamwork video courses (over 250 hours of video lessons are now available), while also streamlining the training experience. New experiences include 6 simple steps to getting started with Office 365, new Tip Cards, infographics, interactive Templates, cheat sheets and more. We also added an Accessibility Center to share how to create inclusive content.


All of the training content is designed to be more engaging and consumable, so your end users can learn faster and retain more – and all of it is free, available in over 35 languages.

Additionally, if you’re an IT Professional Administrator, we’ve created new Small Business Admin Basics training and partnered with LinkedIn Learning to provide O365 Admin and ITPro video courses to help with deployment and management of Office 365 for all-sizes of business.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. Look at our overview video and dive into the new Office 365 Training Center.



—Peter Loforte

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