February 24, 2020

The following is provided from Microsoft Security and Compliance blogs at TechCommunity:

Microsoft is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Terranova Security to provide world-class security training to end users. Through this partnership, we will address our customers’ most significant risk vectors – phishing driving risky end user behaviors. After a multi-month search across the industry, we chose to team up with Terranova Security because we believe that our partnership will enable us to deliver unique and highly differentiated value to our customers.


Users falling prey to phishing is one of the most common, impactful risks facing our customers today. Microsoft’s partnership with Terranova Security enables us to deliver an industry-leading solution with differentiated phishing simulation and human-centric training .

Rob Lefferts, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365 Security


Microsoft’s technology and platform enriches us with intelligent insights to develop security awareness training on the most recent and relevant risks. This partnership empowers Terranova Security to provide human-centric security training at maximum scale and efficacy.  

Lise Lapointe, CEO, Terranova Security


​We chose Terranova Security for their human-centric approach, which draws on principles of behavioral science to create training content that demonstrably changes user behavior, their comprehensive content catalog which will allow customers to customize training based on context and behavior patterns, and their demonstrated commitment to diverse and inclusive .

Started in 2001, Terranova Security brings together technology and education, twin passions of the founder, to create a unique interdisciplinary approach to security awareness training. The emergent need for user training that sparked the journey has since evolved. Today, the market looks to Terranova Security’s leadership and CEO Lise Lapointe’s book is the go-to text for designing effective security awareness programs.  The pedagogical consistency of Terranova Security’s content will empower our customers to deliver effective, engaging phish training to all their users as well as measure its efficacy.


Terranova Security’s catalog impresses not only in its intellectual quality and engaging experience, but also in its comprehensive breadth. It provides the most enterprise-ready library of content in the marketplace, featuring trainings of every duration, covering all the social engineering variants across the spectrum. This allows Microsoft to leverage insights from our email threat protection solution, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (Office 365 ATP) to personalize phish training—delivering the right training to the right users at the right time for maximum efficacy. The automation and integration built into Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection will leverage and target phish training content to deliver a seamless, context-aware and engaging user experience for all our customers. Insights generated will flow into analytics and recommendations that will help our customers customize and differentiate phish training for maximum effect within their organizations. The market has outgrown one-size-fits-all solutions, and end users expect interactive, engaging content that adapts to their learning needs. Terranova Security meets this.


Finally, both Terranova Security and Microsoft share a commitment to diverse and inclusive practices. Terranova Security builds inclusion into their boardroom, their content and their products and services. Terranova Security’s content library is available in 40 different languages, enabling training across geographies and . Further, Terranova Security’s content will meet Level A Success Criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.1, the highest bar of accessible content available. All of this means that any organization in the world will be able to benefit from this security awareness training content. Microsoft strives to serve customers from all over the world, with different perspectives and needs. Terranova Security’s focus on diversity and inclusion bolsters our ability to deliver industry-leading experiences for all our customers.


We believe that this partnership will enable us to address our customer’s most significant and impactful risk vectors: phishing driving risky end user behaviors.  The combination of Microsoft technology to target the right training at the right coupled with Terranova Security’s human-centric approach will deliver an industry-leading phishing simulation and training experience. The solution will raise the efficacy bar for phishing training to new heights and will shift your users from being part of the problem to the solution.

The above was provided from Microsoft Security and Compliance blogs at TechCommunity

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