June 25, 2024

Am a keen follower of Microsoft's SharePoint Blog and proud to provide this direct from the Microsoft Tech Community:

There’s the thinking cap. And then there’s the deep-thinking cap. It’s time to put on the latter.

This article contains eight in-depth videos about SharePoint – now on demand and embedded below, with five more coming soon.


You’ll discover SharePoint’s capabilities and upcoming features, focusing on content management, collaboration, and leveraging AI in Microsoft 365. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of AI’s role in content creation and management. As the intranet evolves, too shall you advance along with tools to help build strategies for corporate communications. As your own brand ambassador, you’ll learn how to personalize SharePoint – to create content consistent with organizational identity. And of course, we have updated content for admins and devs – to see the latest ways to manage and extend SharePoint. Last, we added Jeff Teper’s recent keynote to give you the broadest insights on the transformative impact of Copilot in the mix with Microsoft 365, signaling a new era of AI-driven productivity.


OK, on to the show(s) (on demand)!!! All content is as it was presented during the Microsoft 365 Community Conference, presented by top product makers from Microsoft.


Note: Beyond the SharePoint content below, you can view all recorded sessions on demand now within the full Microsoft 365 Community Conference playlist on the Microsoft Community Learning channel (YouTube). You’ll find keynotes, general sessions, and numerous breakout sessions — in their entirety.


The best, recent overview of SharePoint in the era of AI

Content Management and Collaboration for the AI Era” presented by Zach Rosenfield, Melissa Torres, Lincoln DeMaris, Ashu Rawat, and Sesha Mani. Learning how creating content in the era of AI provides you with opportunities to unleash your creativity and simplify large-scale content management. You’ll see and hear ways to enrich your content, get insights from your store of knowledge, and transform document-driven solutions with experiences across Microsoft 365. Watch below:



SharePoint powers your intranet and communicators

The intranet of tomorrow: beautiful, flexible, and AI ready” presented by Denise Trabona and Dave Cohen. What is the intranet of the future all about? We’ll cover industry trends around content presentation, more robust authoring experiences, and what the era of AI means for your intranet. The video contains many demos and design tips and tricks throughout. Watch now:



Planning a Corporate Comms strategy w/SharePoint News & Viva Amplify” presented by Naomi Moneypenny, Maeneka Grewal, and Dave Cohen. This transformation track session spans strategy, best practices, and product guidance. Learn how to plan a corporate communications strategy leveraging the power of SharePoint news and Viva Amplify. Watch now:



Look and feel: Make SharePoint your own.

Branding SharePoint Sites, Clipchamp Videos, Teams Meetings, & More” presented by Cathy Dew. Learn how to take control of your authoring experience, to create rich content, easily, by your design and on brand – throughout your intranet, across applications, and consistently. Cathy brings a lot of demos, how to guidance, and best practices. Watch now:



Manage and control: Get up to speed as an admin.

What’s New in SharePoint Admin Center, Copilot, and Beyond” presented by Dave Minasyan. Learn how you can leverage Copilot within the SharePoint admin center to discover and learn new management and control capabilities, understand the impact to your organization, and quickly implement them. Watch now:



Plan and Deliver a Friction Free Migration to Microsoft 365” presented by Visha Chadha, Tony Mathew, and Yogesh Ratnaparkhi. Are you considering migrating to Microsoft 365? Learn about the latest enhancements in Microsoft 365 migrations and how you can seamlessly migrate your organization to Microsoft from the current productivity stack including Google Workspace, Box, Dropbox, and on-premises networks. Watch now:



A new offer for developers

SharePoint Embedded: Build custom content apps with Microsoft 365” presented by Marc Windle and Farreltin Fan. Explore how SharePoint Embedded accelerates content-centric app development and leverages Microsoft 365’s robust security, compliance, and collaboration capabilities. Build your custom app with SharePoint built in, as your app’s primary, robust content service. Watch below:



Get the broadest view of Microsoft 365, watch Jeff Teper’s opening keynote.

The Age of Copilots” presented by Jeff Teper, Miceile Barrett, Derek Snyder, and Naomi Moneypenny. See how innovation in Microsoft Copilot, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams – combined with the familiarity and scale of Microsoft 365 – unlocks productivity and transforms business processes for everyone across all functions and industry in this new era of AI. Watch now:



Coming soon

We’ll update this blog post with more content as soon as the below gets published.

For now, review what related session content is “coming soon”:


  • SharePoint: Maximize the value of your content with AI-powered content processing.

  • SharePoint: Transform your content experiences in the era of AI.

  • The Ins and Outs of Microsoft 365 Backup, Archive

  • SharePoint Architecture: A Look Behind the Scenes

  • Copilot for Microsoft 365: Extensibility 101


SharePoint is the primary content services platform across Microsoft 365 apps.

Whether you’re collaborating with a project team on a Loop, watching a meeting recording via Stream, or using sites to supercharge your intranet, SharePoint is at the center of it all. This is that PB/month of content at work for you – be it a loop, a list, a file, a video, a site – it’s stored in and powered by SharePoint. This allows us to deliver a best-in-class content platform that our customers love, using apps that also abide by our trusted data security and privacy standards.


SharePoint is the primary content services platform across Microsoft 365 apps.SharePoint is the primary content services platform across Microsoft 365 apps.

Thank you for your interest in taking your knowledge and depth of SharePoint to the next level. It warms our metadata-driven hearts!


Cheers, Mark “in depth” Kashman

The above is kindly provided by the Microsoft Tech Community!

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