May 18, 2020

 , I’m taking the lazy approach. Let the C2R do its job, Microsoft improved a lot here and it is working smoothly. Via collections I’m identifying the amount of clients under each major version and if I see higher amount of clients stuck in older version I’ll dig into it. 


We had SCCM management in place where the source was DFS share, not happy with it, always to keep the sources up-to-date. We thought about SCCM/CDN but we asked ourselves why to administrate SCCM to tell C2R what to do as C2R is already grown up and can handle it on its own.

We’re installing all O365 applications, language packs and proofing tools through CDN/DO, why not doping it with the updates, too.


SCCM has of course the monitoring and reporting capabilities, I’m missing those in the cloud but rumors say they are coming at some point.

So far relying on the hardware inventory is ok with me.


I’m interested to hear from your experience with SCCM/DO



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