May 5, 2020

Today we’re updating Microsoft 365 IT Admins on availability of the Microsoft Search in Bing browser extension for Chrome. Based on customer feedback, this capability will be opt-in and for AD-joined devices only. As we’ve stated previously, unless an admin chooses to install the extension it will not be deployed. Once deployed by opting in through Microsoft 365 Admin Center, the user remains in control and can revert to their original search engine settings at any time. With Version 2005 of Office, we are starting to roll out the admin capability to easily deploy this extension to Insider builds through Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise on Windows devices.  


Thank you to our customers who have given us valuable feedback about the process for rolling out this extension as well as the capabilities it enablesWe’re glad to serve you and your organizations, as we are delivering Microsoft Search in Bing at this time to enable a simple, powerful search experience for information both inside an organization and across the web.  


With many of your employees using AD-joined devices at home to work remotely, connecting people with the right information quickly is essential to sustaining everyday productivity. Microsoft Search helps employees to find the right people in a dispersed organization, relevant documents as collaborators may not be online at the same time, and critical internal sites for latest information from IT, benefits, and HR. The Bing extension makes it possible to access work and web content from the Chrome address bar if an IT admin decides to deploy it. 


We understand IT admins are dealing with challenging environments now that more people are using their own devices at home while working remotely. As previously communicated, the extension will only be available to AD-joined devices at this time and the improved admin experience for managing this feature now includes a check box in the Microsoft 365 admin center.  


For more detailed information about deploying the Microsoft Search in Bing browser extension for Chrome through Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and the timing of availability (based on your channel) please refer to this support article. Thank you for your ongoing feedback. Please continue to share with us through UserVoice. 


*formerly known as Office 365 ProPlus 

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