July 1, 2010

This article is concerned with how the management of documents and data in a site related to the delivery of a SharePoint solution, thus allowing the control, storage and management of information related to a SharePoint delivery program. This document will describe the recommended structure for a SharePoint Project filing system and the associated numbering scheme, collectively referred to as the file referencing system. This could be used as a business continuity example of maintaining key documents in a SharePoint site, as well as a mechanism to record the standards by which documentation is controlled for a delivery of a SharePoint solution. Modify this to suit the requirements of the client and the SharePoint solution being implemented.

A Mind Manager version is located on this link.

Note. The Document Lifecycle for SharePoint is a huge topic to consider, and those who jump in without understanding this lifecycle do so at their peril. It is recommended reading to understand some principles of this which will help you understand more the articles given on this page. Two links you should check out are as follows:

Overview of document management in SharePoint 2013


Overview of document management in SharePoint 2010


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