April 17, 2018

Event based retention is now generally available to help organizations manage retention of content based on a certain event trigger. Whether an employee departure, or the close of a project, you can now establish certain event triggers and create retention or deletion policies associated to those events.

Watch the Mechanics video to learn more about how this will work and learn more about this capability here.



As organizations adopt modern ways of working, like the chat based workspace Microsoft Teams, we are excited to announce that Microsoft Teams chats and team channels are now rolling out to be included in the Data Governance features of the Security & Compliance center. Set retention policies to Teams content, similar to the way that you have the option to choose locations across Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Groups today. This addition will expand your ability to meet retention and regulatory requirements with confidence across Office 365 applications.


Teams in SCC.png


A core component of protecting content is deleting it when it has reached the end of its useful life. As email ends its useful life, enabling the ability to manually dispose of that email enables peace of mind and smoother processing. You will be able to start to test manual email disposition features in preview starting later this month. Learn more about this update here.


Finally, we are also announcing that our new Labels Explorer dashboard is now available in preview. You will be able to harness the labels widgets and dashboard to gain insight into labels usage in your organization. 


LabelsPreview.pngLabels Explorer dashboard is now available in preview


 BenR.jpgBen Robbins, eDiscovery, Forensics & Information Governance lead from LinkedIn

 As Ben Robbins says: “The Advanced Data Governance and Advanced Ediscovery features in the Microsoft 0365 Security and Compliance Center contains all the components necessary to establish and improve enterprise content controls, investigative analytics, and unstructured data management. LinkedIn has been able to take advantage of these products which help improve business process and accelerate productivity to help us in our mission to connect the world’s professionals.“


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