June 18, 2012

If you are an Information Worker in SharePoint, and you would like proove your skills by marking on your Cirriculum Vitae as a Microsoft Office Specialist in SharePoint, then the best way is by doing the Microsoft Office Specialist suite of exams provided by Microsoft and run by Certiport. This is also true if you teach Microsoft Office at school, college or university, and would like your students to be made aware of this offering.

And no, this is not MOS (has nothing to do with the shortened name for SharePoint 2007!!!).

This course as part of the Microsoft Office Suite proves to the world that you have what it takes to use SharePoint. So do not delay, read on and get that certification!

For more information about this course, visit Certiport here. The exam requirements are shown below. For further information, drop me a mail and (ahem) buy my book here as it is the Study guide for SharePoint 2010.

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