May 28, 2019

The following is provided from Microsoft Security and Compliance blogs at TechCommunity:

We are pleased to announce a Recognition program as part of building the Microsoft Graph Security API community. With this program, contributors will be highlighted in the Microsoft Graph Security solutions GitHub contributors page for increased visibility and easy discovery of contributions. Furthermore, contributions for the month will be promoted via Blogs and Tweets. Contributions can be in the form of code in any language of your choice, scripts, playbooks, dashboards, notebooks and queries using the Microsoft Graph Security API.

We have expanded our existing list of samples to publish a set of curated sample queries that you can leverage in any Microsoft Graph Security integrated solution for richer context. We have also added more Jupyter/Azure notebooks and sample playbooks to the repo as well. Review the list of this and all Microsoft Graph Security samples in the GitHub repo.

The Microsoft Graph Security API connects multiple security solutions to enable easier correlation of alerts, provide access to rich contextual information, and simplify automation. This empowers organizations to quickly gain insights and take actions across their security products, while reducing the cost and complexity of building and maintaining multiple integrations. For further details on integrating with the Microsoft Graph Security API, learn about the API and access the schema.


Getting Started

You can start contributing sample code, scripts, playbooks, etc. using Microsoft Graph Security API now using the following guidelines. Refer to the Microsoft Graph Security API contribution workflow for more information.

  1. Create a new issue or reuse an existing issue to track the work.
  2. If you are contributing to an existing sample or plan to add a new sample, mention that in the issue and assign the issue to yourself.
  3. Create a personal fork of the GitHub repo. Some of the code samples are on separate GitHub repos and links to these are consolidated in the solutions GitHub repo.
  4. Create a branch off master.
  5. Make and commit your changes.
  6. If it’s a code sample, build the sample with your changes and ensure build is clean and sample works as expected.
  7. Create a pull request (PR) against the upstream repository’s master branch.

Microsoft team and community members will provide feedback on your changes and Microsoft team will merge your change.


What types of samples can I contribute?

Microsoft Graph Security API supports different integration options as illustrated below. Samples are available to support each of these integration formats and you can contribute more samples to build out a richer set for the community.


ConnectivityOptions.pngMicrosoft Graph Security API Integration Options

You can contribute the following types of samples leveraging these integration options. Check out existing samples linked below to learn and contribute.

What’s next? We really look forward to seeing you in the contributor’s list! Please share your feedback by filing a GitHub issue.

The above was provided from Microsoft Security and Compliance blogs at TechCommunity

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