April 20, 2020

Am a keen follower of Microsoft's SharePoint Blog and proud to provide this direct from the Microsoft Tech Community:


In this weekly discussion of latest news and topics around Microsoft 365, hosts – Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft), Waldek Mastykarz (Rencore), are joined by Albert-Jan Schot  CTO and MVP at Portiva – Utrecht, Netherlands.


The group discusses differences in development for on-prem (one framework, add boxes) vs cloud (many frameworks, throttling), for business productivity stack (integrate stuff) vs Azure (expose stuff) and for open-source projects (rinse and repeat).  Unclear?  Watch the episode.


Why develop for M365 as opposed to Azure? It’s not that you choose one or the other. Both so intertwined and converging in a cloud first world.   Azure (tools/services) supports so much that we just do AI, Infrastructure, Security, Identity in the process of delivering business solutions. M365 is like an OS providing many services.  Our focus is integrating and building on top of M365 – within feature rich environments – Teams, Outlook, SharePoint where our customers conduct their daily business.


This episode was recorded on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.


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