December 4, 2021

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Edit: Survey results as of August 6, 2019: Thank you to all who participated in the survey! Here are the top 5 takeaways from your responses:

  • Who: Admins and adoption/change management teams start with support from decision-makers and leverage power-users.

  • Challenges: Lack of time, executive support/budget, metrics, training resources, and the complexity of newer apps.

  • Needs: Adoption statistics and product roadmaps to help plan, plus training in the form of business scenarios and short, guided tutorials and videos.

  • MS Comms: It’s ok for Microsoft to communicate to end users only if admins/adoption teams can control/customize frequency and content.

  • Portal: Admins/adoption teams want all content centrally stored and navigable for easy referral and use.


Survey request as of June 12, 2019: Microsoft is looking for IT professionals like you to provide feedback on end user adoption and engagement for Microsoft 365 / Office 365 through a brief survey. Topics include key challenges in your role, end-user adoption and engagement practices, and preferred communications from Microsoft. Your feedback will help drive the types of content Microsoft develops for you and your end-users.


To qualify for this survey, you must meet the following criteria:


  • Your role involves end-user training / change management / adoption of Microsoft 365 & Office 365 applications

  • You are not in government or education sectors

  • Your organization has at least 150 employees / seats on Microsoft 365 & Office 365 subscription

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