June 27, 2019

We are committed to ensuring that the collaboration experience in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is great for you. This includes ensuring that you can work confidently with others in a shared document and get back to your work quickly. Thus, we are bringing Recommended Documents to the Office apps and Version History to Office in the web. 


We introduced the Recommended Documents section to Office.com and Office on the web in October 2018 which surfaces a curated set of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents that may be of interest to you. Using activity signals from across Office 365 such as files in which you are @mentioned, documents others have edited, and those shared with you, we pull together suggested documents to minimize the time you spend searching for the right file. We’re bringing this capability to the Office apps on your iOS and Mac devices now, and we will be rolling this out to Win32 over the next few months.


PowerPoint goodmorning.png


Once you’re in a shared document, we want to ensure that you feel confident making changes. Version History lets you see what changes have occurred and revert back if necessary. You’ve always been able to see the previous versions of your document in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint desktop and mobile apps, by going to File > Info > Manage Document. But did you know you can also click on the title bar at the top of your document and select Version History to see who edited your file and how the file has evolved over time? Click on “open version” to see the previous version of the document and compare edits or restore changes.


PowerPoint Info.png


PowerPoint Annual budget.png


We’re bringing Version History to PowerPoint on the web in June, and will be rolling it out to Word and Excel on the web over the next few months. So if you prefer to work from the browser, you can easily return to earlier versions of the document.

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