September 17, 2015

Are you into technology? Really? Software Design? Coding? Systems Analysis? Would you like a chance for your ideas to be heard? Want to join the worlds only Institute dedicated to those who design, build, test, implement and analyse software solutions? Then you should consider writing for the Institute of Analysts and Programmers.

The Institute of Analysts and Programmers is Britain’s leading professional organisation for people who work in the development, installation and testing of business systems and computer software.  The institute produces every quarter the ‘Software Development Practice’ (I’m on its Editorial Team).

We’re always keen to see new articles from anyone working in the systems analysis and programming fields, so why not go for creating an article to the Software Development Journal?  To find out more about the Institute of Analysts and Programmers go here: For more Information concerning article submission go here:

Am particularly keen for any SharePoint articles relating to software / web / app development or systems analysis, so for any further information about submission please contact me

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