September 2, 2015

Oooo… Things are gaining ground in the SharePoint 2016 arena. A fantastic set of links to resources, concerning planning, setup, operations, upgrading and lot more is available on the TechNet site.

The planning area is chocked full of detailed information concerning hardware and software requirements, browser support, lists of new and improved features. Extremely important is the list of what has been deprecated and removed. That’s there, along with information detailing issues, permissions and security.

Finally, the article also gives the setup and operations aspect a great deal of information covering pre-requisites, installation, powershell, and a lot more.

The most important thing to those wishing to find out more what SharePoint 2016 actually ‘looks’ like and its focus, is given in the SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview page.

The preview can be downloaded from here (though the link isn’t quite live :/) :

Happy Share-Pointing folks!

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