August 8, 2010

This is a SharePoint Build Template. It is designed so that you can record the content of the SharePoint installation in terms of its software, and refer to the documents that will guide the installation of SharePoint.
The Software Build Template is referred from my book, Managing and Implementing SharePoint 2010 Projects.

Generally, software build documents are not carried out simply because SharePoint is listed for installation as a list of steps to install it, not as a list of items in a product.
It is important to list the software though, since SharePoint versions are likely to change, the operating system under which it runs may have different versions; you have to install hot-fixes, patches. And, of course, there is the pre-requisite software to install. Of course, you could build such a list yourself, but in terms of ensuring there is a standard way of providing such a SharePoint Build Template that could be linked to the organizations Configuration Management Plan, I hope you will find this helpful.  Additionally, this document is presented as a download so you can save it as a template to use in your own SharePoint deployment projects.
Note that this template includes a section called Installation Steps. This is simply a reference to the areas used to install SharePoint following a standard method.
This template is available for download from


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