Service Delivery Articles

A new way to troubleshoot cloud flows – Trigger Outputs as identifier columns

This new capability allows cloud flow authors to efficiently identify and troubleshoot flows by being able to view flow’s trigger details in Flow Runs view.

Cineplex drives digital transformation with Power Automate (RPA) led by citizen developers

In this story, you’ll learn how Cineplex has begun to digitally transform their business using Power Automate, beginning from one department to becoming an enterprise-wide initiative.

Introducing the Automation Kit for Power Platform

The Automation Kit for Power Platform is designed to help organizations manage, govern, and scale automation platform adoption based on industry best practices. The Automation Kit for Power Platform is now available to the public as an open source GitHub project.

Announcing Deeper SAP Integration for the Power Platform

Microsoft’s acquisition of Clear Software has led to new functionality for organizations running SAP in Power Apps, Power Automate, and Logic Apps that will enable large-scale adoption of the Power Platform.