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Change owner of a solution flow

You can now change the owner of a solution flow from Power Automate portal. This feature enables owners, co-owners, and admins to change the owner of a solution flow to enable business continuity when the original owner switches teams or leaves the organization

Coming soon to makers everywhere:

We will soon be supporting a new URL for Power Automate: Read to learn about the change and troubleshoot access issues if you may encounter.

Automate unstructured documents like contracts with AI Builder

With Power Automate and AI Builder you can now easily automate extracting information from unstructured documents such as contracts, statement of works, contracts, statement of work, financial or medical reports, publications, and many others.

Making application lifecycle management (ALM) easier in Power Automate

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the lifecycle management of applications and automations, including considerations like governance, development, and maintenance. Power Automate has recently released a number of improvements that make ALM easier.