March 19, 2018

We understand that shadow IT is a problem for many organizations. This is why we built Productivity App Discovery in Office 365 Cloud App Security. For those of you not familiar with this, it gives you the ability to understand what cloud services are being used in your organization that have similar functionality to Office 365. Today we are excited to announce enhancements to this feature based on feedback to help you do a more thorough investigation of the discovered apps.

The biggest changes to Productivity App Discovery revolve around providing user and IP address information. After you create a new report, the dashboard will show you a count of users as part of the summary and a new widget that shows you the top users and top addresses to help identify the most dominant users of cloud apps in your organization.


 dashboard.jpgNew look to Productivity App Discovery dashboard

You will also notice that the dashboard has three new tabs.  Discovered apps, IP addresses, and Users.  The Discovered apps tab shows you additional details for the discovered applications like the amount of traffic, the number of users and when the application was as seen.  By clicking on one of the apps you can see additional details specific to that application like which users and IP addresses are accessing it, along with trend data.  The discovered app tab also includes a way to create a query for specific apps that match your criteria.  For example, you can create a query that shows you apps that were last seen after a specific date with more than 30 people using the app. By hovering over an app, you may see a subdomains popup. This will provide visibility into different instances of the app in use in the organization. For example, personal instance of Dropbox vs corporate.


apps.jpgDiscovered apps tab in Productivity App Discovery

In the IP Addresses tab, you see the top 100 IPs accessing discovered cloud services. If you want more details on an IP, you can click on it to get a summary of the transactions and traffic along with the details of which apps that IP was accessing, and which users were using the IP.


ip.jpgIP addresses tab in Productivity App Discovery

Lastly the Users tab shows you the top 100 users with same details as the IP Addresses tab. Here you can search for a specific user or click their name in the list and pivot the report to see a summary of their cloud services usage along with the specific apps they were using and the IP addresses.


users.jpgUsers tab in Productivity App Discovery

These enhancements are going to make investigating shadow IT and educating users on which cloud services are approved by the organization easier. If you own Office 365 E5 or the standalone SKU for Office 365 Cloud App Security you can check out the new features by logging in at To learn more about the new features check out the support article here. As always please reach out in the comments if you have questions, comments, or visit the uservoice site to suggest a feature made available in Office 365 Cloud App Security.

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