February 13, 2015

When delivering an Office 365 service, you will need to ensure that the customer has access to resources to help them understand and get up to speed. As seen with SharePoint ‘getting the users on-board’, there is always a danger of ‘recreating’ adoption content, simply because information is non-centralised – that also means having to spend time gathering and crafting that content so that it is visually appealing (for example)..

This is particularly true of those who focus on particular aspects of Office 365 and yet are seen as the provider of the platform to customers. Part of delivering an Office 365 service is to ensure that the customer understands how Office 365 can help people work on the move, understand the kind of products available, and get a steer on the benefits.

One of the ways of doing this for SharePoint on-premise is to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ – a kind of ‘centre of attention’ for users to visit to find out about how SharePoint is provided, its purpose, operational constraints, key contacts. I see that the Office 365 Customer Success Centre is a kind of ‘One Stop Shop’.

Office 365 Customer Success Centre provision the following:

  • A four-step adoption methodology, with templates, best practices and guidance, to increase employee productivity through simple usage scenarios.
  • Email communication templates to spread awareness and boost adoption of Office 365. Templates include a Countdown Template, which is quite useful to engage new users by providing a flyer which can be completed with details on who to contact and when ‘training dates’ are available.
  • Information from peers and experts, in featured Office 365 adoption communities, to support a successful Office 365 rollout.

The Office 365 Customer Success Centre is now also available in all 14 Tier 1 languages, including Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian as well as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. For more details on the Office 365 Customer Success Centre, check out this Office blog post: Accelerate Office 365 Adoption – Microsoft introduces Office 365 Customer Success Centre.

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