August 7, 2015

Microsft today released a new feature for Office 365. Eligible organizations will soon have access to Sway for Office 365. Sway is an intelligent storytelling app for business that helps create content using a web-based canvas. This could prove extremely useful for those using Office 365 in education.

Sway works by using a design engine helps the production of reports, presentations and more without the need for extensive formatting or additional training. Sway helps by helping the pull together all sorts of content without leaving the app, allowing drag and drop of images, text, videos and charts right onto the canvas.

Note you need to check to see if your Office 365 subscription is eligible to use Sway, visit:

To learn more about Sway and frequently-asked questions from Office 365 Administrators about the Sway experience,   visit:

To get more information about today’s Sway announcement on the Office Blog, visit:

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