May 5, 2015

Being an Office 365 administrator is challenging. Simply being on top of the changes in Office365 would be difficult in the extreme, simply because you may need to feed into more than one client, and trying to pass information directly to them in their form may be challenging. The key focus of service delivery is repeatability; the attempt to apply one solution for all as a generic standpoint. One of the key tools for Office 365 is the Public Roadmap, which I use to show clients and customers what is happening in the world of Office 365 and how quickly the information can be obtained.

The Office 365 Public Roadmap describes what features are launched, rolling out, in development and cancelled in Office 365. The roadmap also describes new and updated functionality. The timeframe is cycled between 30 and 90 days. The roadmap can be viewed on this link, but because I refer to this a lot, I thought it best to embed it on this page.

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