March 12, 2020

Auto classification for Sensitivity labels in OneDrive for business, SharePoint, and Exchange Online helps you automatically label or tag content as sensitive to ensure the configured protections are applied.


Similar to manual labeling, an administrator can create sensitivity labels and policies to label content based on defined policies or rules. Auto classification varies from manual labeling in that the label occurs within the service, for example SharePoint Online, instead of the user labeling the content.


Additionally, before you publish an auto classification policy – wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what files and how many would be affected by your new configuration? This is where the new policy simulation feature will help. Before you enable a policy in your tenant, simulation mode allows you to validate your policy, and tune it further if the results are not quite as expected. The simulation can then be run again to check your update. You can rinse and repeat this process until you’re happy with the results. The ability to safely validate your approach without negatively impacting your environment and end users is critical and should help ease adoption.





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Written by @Nir Hendler , posted by @Adam Bell  on behalf of the MIP and Compliance CXE team

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