August 29, 2008

The following downloads are other applications I’ve written which, whilst not SharePoint are very popular still !!


Need a Database Application? Need it fast? Get PROGCREA, a fast program application which actually allows you to modify code. Has the flexibility to change the specification at any time without writing extra code. Great when you need a database application which you need in operation now, but allows the flexibility to change the specification at any time without writing extra code. When you purchase this you’ll get a full version including manuals and a registration code. Buy PROGCrea

Download ProgCrea: pcrea224demo (ZIP)

Run a Comp Bisniz Simulation

Very comprehensive educational Business Simulation placing you in charge of your own computer business developing software products. Every month you will take decisions affecting your workers, premises, sales, projects, public image, advertising, marketing and of course your funds. You also project manage the delivery of the products and will engage with Publicity and Marketing to sell them. Buy RunACompBiznis

Download Run a Comp Bisniz: runacompbiznisver20ge (ZIP)


A great little desktop utility to aid the use and management of your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox favourites / bookmarks. Speed up your productivity using the internet without having to scroll through a massive list of favourites. Unclutter the desktop, free the browser – means that the browser is not cluttered by a list of favourites on the left hand side, instead, favourites are listed independantly of the browser. So, even if the browser is shut down you can get back to a favourite website instantly without having to open a folder to get a bunch of shortcuts, go back to the desktop to wade through a pile of shortcuts, and helps you organise your shortcuts into a list. Also, and a couple of major plusses. It allows you to SEARCH for a link in your favourites list

Download SkyeFavorites:  SkyeFavourites (ZIP)

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