March 9, 2011

If you carry out Exports and Imports using the good ole stsadm –o commands this will may be of interest if you run into the following error:

Content deployment job ‘Remote import job for job with sourceID = <id>’ failed.The exception thrown was ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException’ : ‘The file Pages/Forms/Page Layout cannot be imported because its parent web /site does not exist.’


A suspect area to check would be the site collection that the export came from. If the site is locked then information concerning the site structure does not appear to be saved with the export. Sure enough, a check of the original site collection showed that it was in a locked state, possibly due to an incomplete backup taken of the site (that’s another article).

So, first, unlock the original site collection:

Stdadm –o setsitelock –url http://originalsharepointsitecollection –lock none

Then, rebuild the export of the relevant site using your old export command.

Then try a re-import – voila, no error and all successful!

Hope this helps out someone out there!

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