May 22, 2019

The following is provided from Microsoft Security and Compliance blogs at TechCommunity:

Organizations today are looking for ways to harness digital transformation, while meeting complex regulatory or internal requirements and expectations that have not always evolved at the same pace as the modern workplace. Organizations seeking to simplify their compliance archive infrastructure, and regulatory solutions requirements are adopting Microsoft 365 to meet their enterprise information archive and compliance solutions requirements in place.

With today’s updates, organizations can now use Microsoft 365 for more of their data, use new solutions to meet regulatory requirements and benefit from intelligence to triage content for compliance or policy related purposes.


Now archive more data with new native connectors to third-party data


Use the new native connectors functionality to import non-Microsoft 365 data such as Facebook and Twitter into the Microsoft cloud for archival purposes. The first set of connectors enable social data, next business app data connectors will be available to connect to sources like Bloomberg and other business applications. Once the connector is established and social data is archived into Microsoft 365 it is then available to be utilized in common compliance scenarios.

NativeConnector.pngNow natively import third-party data for archival and compliance purposes.

Read more about how to take advantage of the connectors here


Streamline processes with new Records Management solution


Organizations of many types are required to identify, classify and maintain business records for certain regulatory requirements and or internal policy guidance. Public institutions and regulated entities often maintain vast archives of business records for years to meet strict requirements.


Now organizations can utilize a specific solution for Records Management requirements in the security and compliance center. Migrate and manage complex retention hierarchies across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Teams, Exchange and more with the file plan, establish event-based triggers and utilize the disposition review for deletion and export of the list of disposed items. Easily set tailored permissions to give access to the right people across business units for specific activities within the compliance center. Learn more about this solution here

fileplan.pngMigrate and manage hierarchical retention with file plan.

Disposition review provides options for bulk disposition, retention extensions, or re-classifications. Review disposed items and export a list to provide proof of disposal.

Disposition.pngDefensibly dispose of content with disposition review.


Support continuous collaboration with New Advanced Records Versioning feature


In addition to the solution for Records Management, the public preview of the new advanced record versioning feature is now available. This feature enables continuous record declaration on selected versions of a single document, with one click a user creates a record and auto-stores record versions in a records repository, providing assurance that critical record versions are retained. This new capability brings together compliance and productivity to help organizations meet both sets of requirements.

Record Version.pngEnable collaboration and compliance with advanced record versioning.



Harness intelligence to identify content of interest with out of the box classifiers


Now you can put the machine learned data model for offensive language to work for your organization. This is the first out of the box classifier available to help manage the scale, volume and complexity of the data in your organization for specific compliance scenarios. Organizations are already setting up organization-wide policies to monitor offensive language in the workplace with machine learning that can detect the context and meaning behind common words and phrases.


Take a look at how this new technology works in the new Mechanics show on Supervision in Microsoft 365.



Offensive language is the first classifier coming to the Microsoft 365 compliance center, and we plan to release additional out of the box classifiers soon including attorney client privilege, resume and source code, and a classification assistant to enable organizations to create, train and establish their own intelligent classifiers for compliance outcomes.


Organizations are asking more of Microsoft 365 every day. Building these new capabilities into existing solutions helps organizations simplify their compliance processes and infrastructure with integrated and intelligent capabilities that span communications and collaboration technologies.


Learn more about how this works today, start an E5 trial or navigate to the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center to get started.


Thank you to Shilpa Ranganathan, Principal PM Lead, Microsoft 365 Compliance for delivering today’s post


The above was provided from Microsoft Security and Compliance blogs at TechCommunity

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