Power Automate for desktop – January 2022 update

Power Automate for desktop comes with new additions in January 2022 release, including performance improvements during flow authoring and the restructure of Excel instance functionality to support multiple macros.

Easier deployments of Custom Connectors

In this blog, I highlight new features for custom connectors – including the support of environment variables in custom connectors. These features provide a better experience to enable a seamless ALM (application lifecycle management) for custom connectors.

Extract sentiment from text with AI Builder

Companies need an easy way to aggregate customer feedback that nowadays can come from multiple channels (like email, support incidents, forums, or Twitter for instance). This is part three of a 3-part weekly series on some common ways to get using AI Builder.

Tag incoming emails with AI Builder

AI Builder is a Power Automate capability that provides AI models that are designed to optimize your business processes by gleaning insights from your data. There are many different ways that you can use AI Builder – this is the part one of a 3-part weekly series on some common ways to get started. Almost everyone has to deal with incoming emails as a part of their job – and AI Builder can help you to make meaning of this incoming flow of information.

Collaborative comments in Power Automate

Last month at Ignite, we announced a set of collaboration capabilities across Power Platform. Today, we are excited to announce even more features within commenting on Power Automate. Now, you can at-mention your co-workers in your comments  and have others receive email notifications when you do so.

Power Automate for desktop – December 2021 update

Power Automate for desktop comes with new features in December 2021 release, including the unified recorder, the tenant picker, the ability to create copies of flows from the console, as well as multiple improvements over many different actions.

Mine your business – try Process and Task mining

 In this blog we will explain what Process mining and Task mining are and how to use them to discover what is going on in your organization and how to improve your operational processes.  

Updates to the Power Platform request limits

We are dramatically raising the Power platform daily request volume throttles that have existed for Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Dynamics 365 users, and, enabling pay-as-you-go for overages.